Rinse & Repeat - 3 Rounds Down + Three to Go!!!

This past Saturday marked the conclusion of round 3 of my chemo regiment! It's always a great day when I'm able to go home following my 4 day "stint". I hate to say that it's becoming "routine" but this shows us that people can adapt to pretty much any environment.

Looking back on round 3, it was definitely the roughest of the three so far - the nausea was really severe as was the reaction to the steroids. The doctors had set the expectation that every round from here on would be more challenging since my body is being weakened by the cumulative effect of the drugs. This round had the additional complication of my being admitted with a cold [rhinovirus]. I thought the symptoms were allergies but the test came back as a cold. This meant that I was placed in isolation and confined to my room. The net result was no walks or sojourns outside of my room plus the additional "benefit" of being tethered to the bed alarm due to having been designated a "fall risk".

Next Tuesday, I have a Pet Scan and MRI to determine my progress-to-date. I believing for a good report and resting in the Lord's protection and faithfulness. After the six rounds are concluded, I'll have a stem cell transplant - this means a hospital stay of at least 21 days but who's counting?

This blog is being written on Thanksgiving Day - I'm thankful that you would take the time to read it and I appreciate your prayers, interest and concern. It's great to know that I'm not alone.

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