Goodbye Arnold

The big day was finally here - a day that I both looked forward to and dreaded at the same time. I was relieved that the growth, which my daughter referred to as Arnold and the culprit behind excruciating headaches was about to be removed, but was apprehensive about what the biopsy results would be - such is the quandary of facing the unknown. I also remember asking myself, "why didn't you get a second opinion?" This is a huge leap of faith based on the assessment of one person. Oh well, too late for that now and I resigned myself to moving forward.

My surgery was scheduled for 10:00 but got moved back to 12:00 and then finally to 2:00. Since I had had nothing to eat or drink since 8:00 the previous night I remember asking for a sip of water or some ice to which the attending nurses politely said "no". That morning I remember signing a battery of consent forms and having to use the restroom what seemed like every hour given how much they were hydrating me. They finally came to get me around 1:30 - as they were wheeling me down to surgery, I remember seeing the lights flashing by as I went down the hall - it reminded me of how quickly things had progressed since 4 days ago I had not even been admitted.

Once I arrived to the OR and was met by the anesthesiologist who was very comforting and friendly. He said he'd be putting me to sleep - that I would drift off, and the next thing I would remember was waking up in recovery - that's pretty much how it happened. I remember there was a team of people around me getting ready for the procedure - everyone had a role and everyone was absorbed in the job at hand. All around me there was a hurried excitement, however I was calm, I knew that God would carry me through this, and guide the hands of the surgical team.

The procedure lasted for approximately 90 minutes. Greg was in the waiting room - about 2 hours after been wheeled into the OR Dr. Salinas called Greg from his cell phone and informed him that the surgery had "gone well and there were no complications," ever the perfectionist, even my tumor was almost perfectly formed. Unfortunately, Greg thought it was a robo-call and didn't find out about the outcome until nearly an hour later. The physical assistant that had been in the surgery came by and told him directly. That's when many you received the update text.

I recovered in ICU for the remainder of that evening, all of Wednesday and was taken back to a regular room on Thursday morning. In spite of having a number of conversations with number of people I don't remember any of it.

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