Daybreak - Light at The End of the Tunnel...

We all like good news. Good news makes us feel good and provides hope and encouragement for the road that lies ahead. This blog will be brief but it is filled with good news. Yesterday, I returned home from my 4th round of 6 chemo treatments. Although exhausted it is always great to get home. The schedule has been to be admitted on Tuesday late afternoon and be discharged on Saturday. Most recently, I wasn't admitted until Wednesday afternoon but was still able to come home on Saturday. Having become accustomed to the "4-day drill", this was definitely a welcome development!

But, perhaps, even bigger news is that after the third round my doctors ordered a MRI of my brain and a "head-to-toe" PET scan - this was meant to be my halfway progress report. Both scans came back clear as in no sign of cancer! Additionally, I had a nodule on my left lung that has also disappeared. The medical team is really encouraged by this development and state that I'm responding to the treatments "better than they had anticipated".

I have two more rounds of chemo and will then take a 6-8 week hiatus from the regiment. During this time I'll be getting growth hormone injections to stimulate my body's production of bone marrow. Assuming that I'm in remission (and I'm believing that I will be), the plan is to have a 7th and final round of chemo followed by a stem cell transplant. It's amazing the peace I've had through this entire ordeal. My cognitive abilities are starting to return and I see my life "back to normal" by next summer. None of this would not be possible without the prayers and support of you - my extended family and my gracious and ever faithful Savior, the Lord Jesus. I have so much to be thankful for this holiday season!

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